Age Out Loud for Older Americans Month

May is Older Americans Month (OAM), and Connecting Point is teaming up with Nevada County Adult Services to celebrate aging in Nevada County. The theme for this year’s OAM is Age Out Loud, and what better place to do that than here in this beautiful, lively community where over 30% of the population is over 60.

Nevada County residents age 60 and over own businesses, serve as elected officials, work in city and county government, operate and volunteer for nonprofit organizations, and contribute to the vibrant cultural life of our community. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing their secrets for staying active, independent, and engaged as you Age Out Loud.

Share Your Story

Tell us how you Age Out Loud in Nevada County. Upload a selfie or a short video to your Facebook page and let the world know what Aging Out Loud means to you. Use the hashtag #OAM17 and don’t forget to tag Connecting Point (connectingpointca), so we can see you.

Here are some signs to get you started:

Age Out Loud Because Sign

Age Out Loud By Sign