Our Staff

The People Who Make the Programs


Karen Bellanti, Office Assistant
Tim Giuliani, Program Manager
Tammy Gregerson, Community Data Analyst
Ann Guerra, Executive Director
Ray James, Bookkeeper
Charisse Jones, Human Resources & Office Manager
Meredith Mohr, Communications Assistant
Inez Rodriguez, IT Systems Administrator
Gayle Sarrels, Administrative Assistant
Brett Shady, Communications Assistant


Debra Acevedo, Consumer Service Representative
Micah Cone, Consumer Service Representative
Lindsay Gilliam, 211 Services Manager
Jacquie Janssen, On-Call Consumer Service Representative
Alice Johnson, Consumer Service Representative
Tiffany Lombardi, Resource Specialist
John Murphy, On-Call Consumer Service Representative
Ulysses Palencia, Supervisor Consumer Service Representative
Inez Rodriguez, On-Call Consumer Service Representative
Susan Sanford, Resource Liaison
Jessica Thomas, Consumer Service Representative

Employment Services

Sarah Eastberg, Employment Services Manager
Trevina George, Navigator
Stig Jantz, Career Counselor
Elana Kreydick, Navigator

Home Care

Carla Boone, IHSS Employment Specialist
Jim Dunkel, IHSS Employment Specialist
Kyle Ingram, Home Care Coordinator
Leslie Kerns, Senior Navigator

Training Services

Lisa Dorman, Training Services Coordinator

Volunteer Hub

Susan Sanford, Volunteer Hub Liaison
Brett Shady, Communications Assistant

Connecting Point Organizational Chart
Employee Salary Ranges FY 19-20