Privacy Practices


The Notice of Privacy Practices is meant to inform individuals of the ways in which Connecting Point collects, uses and shares personal information. It also describes for individuals their rights with respect to the information collected; specifically, the right to know what information is collected, the right to correct information if it is inaccurate or incomplete, to request that information not be shared with others and to obtain a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices. The Notice of Privacy Practices covers in general terms the ways in which personal information is used. This list is for general reference and may not completely cover all of the types of information collected or how the information is used.

In addition, this Notice explains how certain information is automatically collected by the systems and software used to host the Connecting Point website. It explains how Cookies are used to enhance the visitor’s experience and interaction with the website and how they may track a visitor ‘s use of the website. These electronic features help Connecting Point analyze the user experience and the delivery of online services. Please review our Notice of Privacy Practices. If you still have questions or require additional information, please contact our Privacy Officer at (530) 274-5601.

Please see full-length notice here.