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Kyle Ingram

Single Class Topics

  • Body Systems & the Aging Process (1 hour)
  • Common Chronic Diseases (2 hours)
  • Infection Prevention & Control (1 hour)
  • Managing Your Work & Avoiding Caregiver Stress (1 hour)
  • Nutrition & Hydration (1 hour)
  • Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease (30 minutes)

Certification Programs

Care Core Certification 12 hours
This certification provides the basic level of training for entry into the caregiving field. It includes 12 hours of training in essential areas like communication, HIPAA, and infection control, preparing a new caregiver for a role as homemaker companion or basic caregiver.

Dementia Care Certification 19 hours
This certification program is for caregivers who want to enhance their skills and better understand person-centered care for the individual with dementia.

Advanced Dementia Care Certification 9 hours
Care professionals who specialize in dementia care need to continually build their dementia knowledge, skills and understanding. These courses are excellent for continued learning growth in this area.

Diabetes Care Certification 6 hours
This certification teaches caregivers to be aware of the risks that come from infection or wounds as well as helping the person manage their activity and dietary needs. Diabetes training is especially important when it comes to medication and medical procedures.

End of Life Care Certification 10 hours
This certification provides caregivers with an understanding of patient needs, grieving, and loss, as well as the unique concerns of the family. This program helps caregivers develop a deeper understanding of self-care and an understanding of hospice and palliative care. If your loved one needs care during the final stages of their life, select a caregiver who is certified in end of life care.

Mental Health Care Certification 11 hours
Many clients in care settings suffer from mental health problems that impact their care needs. Understanding these problems and learning key intervention and support skills is vital to a well-rounded caregiver role.

Multiple Sclerosis Care Certification 8 hours
This certificate course prepares the caregiver to provide care to a person with Multiple Sclerosis. You’ll learn about the disease process, physical signs and symptoms of the disease, as well as emotional and psychosocial aspects of the disease. You’ll learn to support the mobility, independence, and well-being of the person with MS.

Parkinson’s Care Certification 12 hours
Individuals with Parkinson’s disease have a wide range of abilities and challenges. A caregiver with Parkinson’s Care Certification will be prepared to help the person maintain their independence and mobility as long as possible while understanding some of the special needs of the person in their care.

Personal Care Aide Certification 43 hours
This certification provides a strong foundational education for caregivers working in states or settings where no mandated certification exists. This comprehensive certifications provides caregivers with a solid foundation for in-home senior care.

Post Hospital Care Certification
This certification provides the caregiver with an understanding of body systems and common conditions that occur following a hospital or emergency room stay. The caregiver who is certified in post hospital care learns how to provide care, what to observe, and how to communicate concerns about conditions that need rapid intervention to avoid a medical emergency.