Home Care Registry

Hire from Connecting Point’s Registry

We maintain a list of qualified local care providers. Referrals are free for IHSS consumers.

How It Works

Step 1: Complete a Registry Intake

Talk with one of our Home Care Coordinators, who will ask you some simple questions to better understand your needs and preferences. See below for contact information.

Step 2: Referral

We’ll give you the names and contact information of the Registry providers who will best meet your needs. As the supervisor, you will contact and interview each provider. See our Tools page for  resources to help you with the hiring process.

Step 3: Hire

Once you’ve decided who to hire, we will help you complete all of the paperwork necessary to enroll your new provider.

Step 4: Manage Your Provider

As the supervisor, you will set a schedule, train your provider, track their time, and sign timesheets verifying their hours.

Home Care Coordinators

Nevada County
Leslie Kerns

Plumas and Sierra Counties
Kyle Ingram
866-577-6331 ext. 211


Download tools to assist you with interviews, scheduling, and more.


About IHSS

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