Become an IHSS Provider

young man with disabled adult

We are actively seeking compassionate community members to assist seniors and people with disabilities living independently at home. 

There are two ways to be an IHSS Provider

Become a care provider for someone you already know

Simply call one of our IHSS Employment Specialists to schedule your orientation appointment and begin the process of becoming a paid IHSS Provider for a consumer in the IHSS Program.

Apply to join the IHSS Registry and meet potential clients

Caregiving clients (IHSS Consumers) will be matched based on your availability and preferences.  The first step is to apply to the registry. We will contact you quickly to assist you once that is completed.

Steps to Becoming a Provider

All IHSS Providers will be asked to:

  1. Participate in a 3-hour mandatory IHSS Orientation.
  2. Complete a Live Scan fingerprinting process.
  3. Complete paperwork. 

Our staff will help you with every step of the process… get started today!

Contact an IHSS Employment Specialist

Contact the specialist in the county in which you will be working

Nevada County
Dave Lindsey

Plumas and Sierra Counties

IHSS Registry Manager
Leslie Kerns