Employment Skills

When you embark on your six-week Employment Skills Training course, you will learn to strengthen and develop six core competencies that lead to successful employment.

  • Activities are appropriate for all, regardless of disability or differences in learning style.
  • Program participation is weekdays from 9:30 am 2:30 pm for six weeks.

6 Components of Success


Defining professionalism

Workplace structures

Work culture


Enthusiasm & Attitude

Positive thinking

Failure as a part of success

Failure as opportunity


Translation features to benefits


Researching employers

Overcoming fear

Informational interviews

Using social media to network

Email etiquette

Mapping your network


Types of communication

Non-verbal communication

Two-way communication

Taking and giving direction


Importance of teamwork

Individual strengths and needs

Characteristics of good team members

Barriers to effective teamwork

Roles of team players

Personality types

Managing teams

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Praise, criticism, and feedback

Workplace ethics


Perception vs. reality

Thinking on your feet