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Many California residents live in areas that, based on demographic, socioeconomic and housing characteristics, may be hard to count in the 2020 Census. The California Census Office has created this interactive map that shows California census tracts and block groups shaded by their California Hard-to-Count Index, a metric that incorporates 14 variables correlated with an area being difficult to enumerate.

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Census 2020 Fact Sheet – Security

Census 2020 Half Page Handout – Confidentiality

Census 2020 Half Page Handout – Rural Audiences 2

Census 2020 Half Page Handout – Rural Audiences

Census 2020 Half Page Handout – Veterans

Census 2020 Handout – Why We Ask Each Question

Census 2020 HTC Variables and Demographic Groups

Census 2020 Infographic – Road to Census

Census 2020 Poster – Counting Young Children

Census 101 Inforgraphic

Census 2020 Fact Sheet – Accessibility

Census 2020 Fact Sheet – Confidentiality

Census 2020 Fact Sheet – FAQs

Census 2020 Fact Sheet – Foreign-Born Audience

Census 2020 Fact Sheet – Inviting Everyone

Uses of Census Data in Federal Funds Distribution


Census 2020 PowerPoint Presentation

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California Census Website

U.S. Census 2020 Website


California 2020 Census Small Business Toolkit

Disability Census Toolkit

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