Announcing Our Winter/Spring Community Classes

We are excited to announce our new slate of free community classes for Winter/Spring 2019. Along with caregiver skills trainings, like CPRLifting Techniques for Home Caregivers, and Universal Precautions, we also have classes to help caregivers care for themselves.

Our Self-Care for Caregivers class will help you identify and draw on the sources of strength in your life to help minimize stress. And Caregiver Essentials is all about setting up and maintaining healthy relationships with those you care for.

Continuing our focus on health and wellness, we are offering the popular Chair Yoga class again, as well as a new class, Food & Mood, which is about using movement and diet to increase your energy and improve your health.

And we will again offer Freedom from SmokingLiving Well with a Chronic Condition, and the Diabetes Empowerment Education Program. These interactive, evidence-based workshops are designed help you take charge of your health and include hands-on activities in a supportive environment.

See our full list of classes and register today!

Get on the Move!

We all know that transportation is essential for independence. In a rural community like ours, getting around can be a challenge, especially for those of us who don’t drive. Lack of transportation limits our opportunities for education, employment, healthcare, and social contact. But there are options out there, and we want to help you connect with them.

Connecting Point recently received funding from Caltrans to help folks in Eastern and Western Nevada County better understand their transportation options and learn how to use them to get On the Move. Our new transportation navigator, Daniela Fernandez, has been riding the routes, talking to community members, and learning all there is to know about our local transit options. Her goal is to share all of this knowledge to demystify our bus systems and help people gain experience and confidence using public transportation.

If you are interested in travel training or public transit education, please get in touch with Daniela by phone at 530-274-5601 or by email at