Reflecting on 15 Years

This year is Connecting Point’s 15th anniversary. We’re proud to say that over the last decade-and-a-half, we’ve not only survived some rough times (anyone remember the Great Recession?), but we’ve grown, and changed, and built a dynamic organization that is responsive to the needs of our community. While we’re sure Connecting Point will be around for many years to come, 15 years seems like a good time to look back, take stock, and think about what we want the next 15 years to look like.

So, this year we’re taking the opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves—where we came from, where we’re going, who we are, and who we serve. Starting this month, we’re going to highlight some of our programs and services, the folks here who make it all happen, and, most importantly, the stories of our consumers and participants whose success is at the center of everything we do.

And we’re going to do this by telling you about our values.

We talk a lot about values at Connecting Point, because we believe that they are the building blocks for all that we do. Our values keep us grounded, they give us identity and purpose, they drive our decisions, and they shape our work. Our values are woven into the fabric of our organization—from how we recruit and who we hire to how we develop our programs and work with our partners.

These values aren’t just words, they are principles we live by, check ourselves against, and work hard to attain.

Since our values are what brought us to where we are today, this seems like a great chance to share them with you. For the next twelve months we’ll highlight a different value and tell you a little bit about how that value shapes our work. here’s a preview of what’s to come: