Workforce Development

workforce developmentTraining a new workforce to meet the needs of our local economy.

Our Employment Services program prepares employees for careers in growing sectors.

Meet your next employee.

Expanding your workforce can be costly and time-consuming. we help you find qualified, work-ready employees at no cost to you.

We pay the employee, you provide the training.

Train your new employee for up to six moths while we pay their wages. We staff local businesses with motivated, work-ready employees.

Five Reasons to Hire from Connecting Point

Reduce your wage costs:

We pay employee’s wages for up to six months of employment. That’s as much as $11,000 in savings over six months–money that you can put into growing your business while expanding your workforce.

Try out a new employee at no cost:

Hiring from Connecting Point is a low-risk way to make sure your new employee is a good fit for both your business and the job before you hire them on.

Reduce employee turnover:

We have built-in supports for employees to ensure their success in the workplace.

Save money through tax credits:

By claiming the Work Opportunity Tax Credit you can save up to $9,600 annually per employee.

Hire people who are work-ready:

Our employees are assessed for work readiness. We recommend people who have an interest in your industry and are committed to success.

Connect with our Career Counselor

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